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Committed to Latinx Student Success

Cal State Fullerton celebrates earning the 2021 Seal of Excelencia from Excelencia in Education.

The three-year certification recognizes the university’s longstanding commitment to Latinx student success and trendsetting leadership in engaging, enrolling and graduating Latinx students.

CSUF is one of only 10 institutions across the nation to have earned the 2021 seal.

The campus underwent a vigorous verification process for the certification. A cross-divisional committee built the case over several months, demonstrating that efforts to serve Latinx students align across the areas of data, practice and leadership.

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2021 CSUF Excelencia Committee

Led by Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez, committee chair and associate vice president of college access & career pathways, the 20-member team gathered and assessed best practices and data from across campus, and then compiled and wove the application narrative.

  • Robin Crew, Information Technology
  • Danielle Garcia, Office of the President
  • Laleh Graylee, Administration & Finance
  • Aitana Guia, History
  • Karyn Scissum Gunn, Office of the Provost
  • Julianna Hernandez, Student Affairs
  • Rommel Hidalgo, Information Technology
  • Janette Hyder, Chicano/a Latino/a Faculty Staff Association
  • Lynn Juliano, Strategic Communications
  • Gavin Kane, Student Affairs
  • Karen Lindell, Strategic Communications
  • Kendra Morales, Strategic Communications
  • Rohit Murarka, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Valerie Orleans, Strategic Communications
  • Scott Petersen, Student Business Services
  • Bobbie Porter, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs
  • Debra Cano Ramos, Strategic Communications
  • Yessica De La Torre Roman, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Elva Rubalcava, Government Relations
  • Ellen Treanor, Strategic Communications